Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Personal Touch

A great way to take your wedding above and beyond is with personalized touches that show your appreciation to your friends and family and exemplify your creativity. Adding this personal touch to wedding favors and party gifts sends your guests home with a tangible memory of your day and a thoughtful reminder of how much you care.

Wedding favors can be so cliche, if you're looking for something more unique than Jordan almonds in a bag, check out thelittlereddoor's ceramic houses. Each house is hand-formed and etched, fired, glazed and fired again, making each piece one of a kind and a miniature work of art. Imagine a little village of houses on each table, perhaps holding up a seating card, or simply adding joy and whimsy to your table setting. What a special gift for your guests to remember your day.

Available in a wide variety of colors to match your wedding decor - you can add even more personalized detail by including your initials or monogram.

Another way to show your love and appreciation to your hard working wedding party is with a customized gift. Oktak's unique embroidered purses make a lovely and touching present for your bridesmaids - one they'll keep and use too!

As featured in Brides Magazine in spring/summer 2009, each pouch is hand sewn and embroidered using 100% cotton and available in a wide variety of colors.

Even the linings are adorable! And don't forget your flower girl - give her a sweet, little coin purse or pouch to make her feel all grown up at this special occasion.

For favors and gifts think beyond the shelf. Your family and friends will appreciate the extra thought and attention to detail - your wedding will stand out in their memory as a very special event.